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Laurence first completed a PhD in engineering at McGill before working as an R&D engineer in the industry. That is where she started teaching meditation to fellow engineers and programmers during lunch breaks. She felt so fulfilled with teaching meditation that she was eventually convinced to leave her secure career to embrace a new way of living and teach meditation full time. This decision was just another turning points in a series of many since she started meditating. To perfect her teaching skills, Laurence completed a meditation teacher certification at the McLean Meditation Institute in Arizona. She chose that program because of its simple and scientific approach  as well as its openness to many different meditation techniques.


Laurence is a born teacher and public speaker and is as comfortable teaching in an amphitheater in front of hundreds of people as in a private setting.  She loves applying her background in brain imaging and research to helping people find the most appropriate meditation and mindfulness practice for their needs. Laurence’s teaches classes that are down-to-earth, full of practical hints, and are always oriented on physical comfort. Laurence teaches in French and English and is also available to teach meditation via Skype. She lives in Montreal, Canada.



Laurence Mercier and Sarah McLean
Laurence Mercier PhD

Laurence in the operating room during her PhD specialized in brain imaging at McGill. (Picture: Luc Delorme)


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Laurence's research work at McGill from 2002 to 2011:


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Laurence with Sarah McLean, the director of the McLean Meditation Institute.  (Picture: Janise Witt)

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